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Tuscany Style Decorating DIY


Tuscany style decorating DIY fashion, can be such a rewarding experience; especially when you can successfully achieve exactly what you wanted all along from the space.  So how do we get what we want?  Well, there’s a little secret to Tuscan Italian decorating that will most certainly give you a jump start on it all.

For starters, think about the look.  When you enter your room, what do you envision your view being like?  What do your walls look like?  Are they light or are they on the darker side?  Are they solidly painted or do they have a distressed look to them?  What accessories do you see in the space?  Look around in your mind…  If it’s a living room, are you seeing any urns?  How about the fabric on the sofas and chairs?  What do they look like?  If it’s a Tuscan kitchen you are looking to create in your home, are there any Italian ceramics on the countertop in your space?  What about the cabinetry and flooring? What type of wood are you envisioning in your Tuscany kitchen?  Is it dark or light?  Are you seeing hard materials like slate or terra cotta on the floor?

How about the FEEL of the space?  Try to pinpoint what you want your guests to feel like when they first walk into your home…  Do you want them to feel a warm, comforting feeling… or more of a brighter airy breeze type of feeling?  This is important to know and initially decide upon when considering starting a Tuscany style decorating DIY project.

Here's the GOOD News!

Whether you’ve been to Italy or not, you truly can achieve an amazing Italian style space by putting your wants and your needs first.  Once you do that, you simply think about what you know, or what you may find helpful to know about Tuscany.  The elements of Tuscany are what put this entire design style together.

Here’s what we know:

fade-leftfade-rightTuscan Colors: Where Do They Come From?


The Color Wheel

Refer to this WARM / COOL color wheel to explore the different options for creating your Tuscan Italian style space.  If you want a cozy and comforting space... go for the WARMER colors.  If you prefer a bright and airy feel... go for the COOLER colors.


Yellow Mustards & Golds:
Tuscany is known for its Tuscan sun.  Bright and cheery shades of yellow can range from soft mute tones to vibrant yellows and golds. Yellows are great for plastering and distressing walls.

Terra Cotta:
A staple material you can often find in a Tuscan home is Terra Cotta tiles.  These tiles have a beautiful rich color of orangy-red which easily warms up and adds comfort to any space.

The reds of Tuscany can be seen in a gorgeous, refreshing ripe tomato.  Reds are amazing to incorporate into a Tuscan color scheme as they add splashes of color and interest.  Accessories such as Italian canisters and urns are sure to deliver adaquate amounts of reddish zest to your room.

The breathtaking Tuscan sky is where the incorporation of blues come from.  These blue shades can spread from very light, almost white–to royal blue into navy. Showcasing blues through accessories and tiles are a surefire way to introduce cool vibes into a space.

Of course we cannot overlook the greenery that represents Tuscany.  The rolling hills… the rows of warm trees and green gardens.  The delicious olives are where we get to endulge in these incredible greens.  The most simplest way to add green into a Tuscan inspired space is by adding fresh greenery to accent the room.  Not only does it look fabulous, but it smells amazing too!

Rich Browns:
The way we incorporate browns into a Tuscan space simply is through dark brown furniture and cabinetry.  For instance, Tuscan kitchens are known for having separate stand alone wood pieces in the kitchen area.  Dark to medium browns can be seen in all types of cabinetry and open shelving.

Depending on your desired look and feel, (what we talked about in the beginning of this article) and your specific room type (ie: living, dining, bedroom, kitchen, bath… whatever) you can start with selecting the specific colors that fit with your chosen look and feel vibe.  REMEMBER:  If you want warm and comfort, go with warm colors…  If you want cool and airy… Go with cool colors.

Let me know if you need any help with this.  I’m glad to help!


Patrice Walker


For more information on how to quickly and easily get started transforming your room into a gorgeous Tuscany style space, check out my Ultimate Tuscan Home Decorating Guide eBook System.  Discover how to choose your colors, flooring, wall covering, accessories, furniture and more.  CLICK HERE for details.



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