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Home Planning and Building

If you are considering building a new home, why not consider Tuscan homes? Well, you must in fact be considering one, because Tuscan design has brought you to this website! I tell ya, there is something special about Tuscan house design that seems to have the ability to set a much desired tone with each individual plan. We can start by talking about the openness. More and more home owners are wanting an airy feeling when they walk into their home. For that reason alone, they opt for the Tuscan house style.

A familiar feeling of Tuscany that mimics the sun-drenched vineyards and rolling hillsides is what Tuscan style homes will bring you. A Tuscan plan for your home will have magnificent flooring, exposed beams, and stucco exteriors. Since Tuscany is well known for its connection to nature, it makes sense that a Tuscan design has the same connection as well. This is why in Tuscan decorating, we incorporate important natural elements.

There are different areas of planning and building your new Italian style home that you want to be aware of. These important details are pretty standard in new home building in general. Take it all into consideration so that you have a smooth process when constructing your Tuscan gem. There’s so many luxury Tuscan style home plans to choose from!

Types of Tuscan Home Plans

Tuscan HomesTuscan House Plans:
Choosing your Tuscan house plans typically, is the first step in building your Mediterranean style home. There are a few ways to do this. Either create it with a Tuscan home design specialist, or choose from prep-designed Tuscan style house plans.


Stock Plans:

This is the easiest way to find Tuscan home plans. These homes were custom plans drawn up at one point for public use, or for a past client. These plans typically cost less, and are updated with the current styles as Tuscan design changes and is more refined. Choosing a stock Tuscan home plan will save you some bucks in the process, and opens doors of opportunity to many to have an awesome Tuscany retreat to come home to everyday.

**Customization is sometimes offered with these plans. Many Tuscan home designers allow you to modify the plans to suit your individual tastes.

Tuscan residential Architects and Designers:

There are local designers and architects who specialize in Tuscan home design that can help you design your Italian style home. They definitely are a benefit to have on board as they have the knowledge of styles, building codes and requirements and ordinances. These architects and designers should be properly certified, and depending on the cost of the home, expect to spend more. Many times, the services provided have a cost of 2%-15% of the cost of the home. Totally worth it in the end when it comes to Old World Tuscan homes being designed and built from scratch.


Home Plan Computer Software:

You could definitely go this route. The home designing software is made for the amateur designer to feel comfortable using. They have it where you can also design your home and your landscaping. You don’t have to be design savvy to use these programs. The only thing is that it fails to advise you of the design codes, structural codes and violations. You won’t find that with many of the home designing programs out there. Choosing to use a design program to create Tuscan home plans can be extremely helpful in giving you ideas of particulars. Things you want for sure in your Tuscan home. Be sure to just let your design specialist see what you came up with so that they can properly design and approve the ideas that will make your Tuscan style home plan come to life– Exactly the way YOU want it!

3D Home Architect Home Design Deluxe 9 is actually one of the best home design programs out there. It is inexpensive and effective in getting great ideas for building any style home. That one is great as well as the home designing and landscaping one. You can get the 3D Home Architect Landscape Design DeluxeV9 if you want to take part in the landscaping part of your Tuscan dream home building project.

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