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Getting Started In Your Tuscan Design Project


Getting Started in Your Tuscan Design Project:

For most people, beginning a Tuscan home (re)design can seem a bit intimidating.  One of the biggest challenges that our readers write to us about is how to actually get started on their design project.  Where the heck do they start?!

Now, what it all boils down to is planning.  The challenges, the fears, and all of the above… The fact is that getting rolling in your Tuscan home project doesn’t have to be that scary; it really doesn’t.  Remember, it’s all about ‘Revisiting Tuscany’s Natural Elements’ during each stage of your project… That’s really the secret to finding design success.

So here’s a few steps that I have found helps homeowners and Tuscan home enthusiasts get on the road to Tuscany dream home success… painlessly!


Step 1:  Throw out the Clutter and Junk!
Tuscan design is simple, yet elegant.  Get rid of all of the things in your space that you don’t need.  No, we don’t want laundry baskets full of unfolded clothes hanging around the living room!  Oh no, we don’t want old, dusty magazines stacked on the floor in the corner!  Hey!  Don’t forget to pick up that sock!  Let’s get the Sesame Street inspired cookie jar off that kitchen counter, too…  Let’s start thinking of our Tuscany home makeover!  Get rid of items that are ‘low brow’ and out of place…  All furnishings, nick-knacks and accessories that you don’t need or want in the space…  Remove them from the room as well.

Start there first.

Step 2:  Take a good look at the area.
What type of furniture is left in the space?  What are the window treatments like?  How about the floor?  Is it wood or carpet?  And, your walls…  What is the existing color on your walls?  Doorways?  Are there any, or is it an open space?  Are the doorways rectangular shaped or arched?  Are there any exposed beams that exist in the space?  Any pillars or columns? Windows… How many windows, what shape are they?  Are they wide or narrow?  Lighting?  Is the space lit with natural light?  Could it use more light?  What are the main lighting sources?  Any chandeliers?  What do they look like?  Are they a dark metal?  Are they more of a gold, or a shiny silver?  Are there any standing floor lamps in the room?  What are they like? Any crown molding?  Chair rails?  How are the cabinets?  Are they modern or more traditional looking?  Take the time to notice the existing details of your space.

Step 3:  Now, consider what you like and dislike about the space.
Think of everything that is left.  Are there any furniture pieces that you would prefer not to incorporate into your Tuscan design? Anything in particular that you’d like to see a little bit more of that already exists in the space?  How is the lighting?  Do you wish the space enabled the sun to brighten up the room a little more during the day, or does it provide an adequate amount of natural light that you are satisfied with?  Do you like the look of the existing furniture?  How about the ‘plushness’ of the cushions on sofas or arm chairs… Or what about the type of fabric used in the bed linens or curtains? Do you just about want to do away with that 80’s flower wallpaper ya got going on there?!

Step 4:  The Best Part – Consider what your ultimate Tuscan home dream space is…  Go all out!
Are you redesigning a kitchen?  Are you thinking high end appliances with white washed cabinets and exposed cupboards that showcase your beautiful Tuscan dinnerware?  Does your dream kitchen have 12 x 12” terracotta floor tiles?  Can you smell the aroma of beeswax they polished them with?   Is your Tuscan dream kitchen more traditional with a large, rustic wooden table in the center of your new kitchen for family and friends to gather and enjoy delicious Italian meals?  How about warm cream and brown textured treatments on the walls along with a beautifully painted majolica tile backsplash in your farmhouse sink and massive free standing stove wall areas…  Is there a wall mounted water feature?  Can you hear the running water every time you sit down for a cup of tea in the morning?

If you take the time to compare what your space is like ‘clutter free’ to the Ultimate Tuscan home dream space it can be, you’ve got a good start at your project.

Step 5:  Plan, Plan, Plan!
Consider what phases of the design transformation will be done by you and/or your friends and family…  Consider what phases, will be done by professional designers and contractors.  I recommend that for flooring, such as Terracotta tiles, or cement flooring, you consider hiring a professional company to install it.  You’ll certainly save yourself quite a bit of time, money and headaches!  Leave this to the pros!  They can do a beautiful job for you.  You want an incredible floor that is set and sealed properly.  Flooring is a major part of an ultimate Tuscan dream space.

So, that’s a surefire way to get started in your design project.  Be sure to keep an eye out for my post about choosing your color palette!  Are you ready to start painting?  Get excited, it’s coming up next!  It’s going to be amazing!


If you are ready to get started on your Tuscan design project, take a look at my step by step DIY Tuscan Decorating System and get FREE 1 on 1 assistance from me and my team through your exclusive GOLD Membership access.

To your decorating success,

Patrice Walker

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