Tuscan Style Pool Mosaic

Tuscan Style Swimming Pool Mosaic:
You Get So Much More Than Color and Sophistication…

Deciding to add a pool mosaic design into your Tuscan landscape project can be one of the coolest things! I’ve been involved with an amazing pool mosaic tile installation or two and I’m telling you, the look of the entire landscape jumps up to an extremely high magnitude!

Tuscan landscaping can provide an amazing retreat experience if you decide to add a water element in way of a garden water feature such as a beautiful mosaic pool. Installation is relatively easy, although assistance from a qualified professional swimming pool installation company is probably best; friends of our family have taken on this type of project and the result of their pool mosaic tiling looks exquisite!

Pool Mosaic Designs

The great thing about using mosaic tile is that you don’t have to necessarily purchase a “ready made” pattern. You can look online for free mosaic patterns and get ideas to get close to a design that works for what you want your swimming pool to be.

Pool mosaic tiles, will add beauty and charm to your landscape. Depending on color selection and type of mosaics, the sun and water combination against your mosaic pool will shimmer brightly in the daylight, and with just the right pool lighting, it will be an ambient visual display in the evening.

When I worked on my friend’s project, I introduced them to wooden pool cabanas. We installed it by the poolside and kept along the Tuscan style decor. I added rustic attributes of Tuscany. It worked very well. I assisted with the decor and the garden surrounds. We used various plantings, vines and bushes which made their home landscape project warm and inviting. In their project, we also added a fabric gazebo in the garden. Keep checking back, I will reveal how to create fabric gazebo in my TUSCAN DESIGNER Newsletter. (Be sure to sign up for it! — It’s FREE with loads of value.)

A mosaic company usually has a lifetime warranty with each purchase. Try to find a company that has this. You want the best product. When installing swimming pool mosaic tile, the material should be able to with stand the water. It’s a good idea to purchase glass mosaic tile for this type of project. Chlorine and other pool chemicals will not destroy your mosaic pool tile when you have mosaic glass tile installed. Other mosaic tile can be used, but may have to be treated occasionally.

Mosaic Pool

Choosing mosaic tiles can seem a bit overwhelming as there are so many colors and shapes. When designing with Tuscan style decor, be sure to refer back to the Tuscan colors page on the website to get your color palette on track. Mosaic tiles have different qualities that give a varied look, so check with a great mosaic company that will help you understand the different reflective properties that each type of tile has. This is important so that you can achieve the affect that you are looking for. For instance, transparent, or backed with mirrors… Each are pretty different. You can choose a mosaic tile company that has mosaic software that can be downloaded so that you can work with different looks for your swimming pool mosaic tile project.

Designing your pool with colorful mosaics provide a clear view of the pool to reduce the accident rate. This is great for the kids (and my husband!) because when diving or jumping into the pool the tiles assist by acting like a guide that outlines the steps. This is because the tile lining the steps is a different color than the rest of the pool. It is best to have the pool installer put in a couple of rows of colorful tile along the outer edge of the pool and in the middle of the underwater hazard.

Whether you are installing a new pool or remodeling your current pool, remember that not only does pool mosaic tiles give you sophistication and color, but also can aid in the safety of your family.

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