Under The Tuscan Sun


Under The Tuscan Sun:
…Such An Inspiring Movie!

View scenes here, from “Under the Tuscan Sun”. If you haven’t seen the movie– You MUST see this movie!


Yes!! Under the Tuscan Sun! You know the movie! This film has been the influence of Tuscan style decor for so many homeowners.

Now, I don’t want to actually tell you the whole movie– just in case you haven’t seen it. But, what I will tell you is that it is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!— and comforting. (You know how “comfort food” is? You have a nice plate of comfort food in front of you? You indulge every bite. The more your fork full of amazing food reaches your mouth, you feel full and satisfied…) Well, that’s how this movie is!

The decor is so beautiful— I can tell you that Diane Lane, who stars in the movie, is doing some major Tuscan decorating in a newly bought (fixer-upper) Tuscan villa. If you haven’t seen it yet– I think you may want to get it as there are excellent visual decorating ideas that appear right before your eyes.

The movie can be a little difficult to find in stores like, Best Buy… When I first wanted to purchase it, I tried there first and it wasn’t there. It may be in yours… I’m not sure. I actually got the last copy in my local Barnes and Noble a while ago. I did do some research for you, though! You can find it on Amazon! They have them, and the prices are cheap! Some people prefer to read the Under The Tuscan Sun book, but it is truly great to see the design ideas!

Goodness, I could go on all day about my favorite parts of this movie. And for those who have seen it, I’m sure you can relate! My mom and I both love it. There’s so much inspiration in it. Maybe I should add an “Under the Tuscan Sun” Forum to this website! Woo! That would be fun! A great gathering place inspired by movies made in Tuscany.

For some, it makes them want to hop on a plane and fly to Tuscany! For others, it makes them want to re-decorate more Tuscan style spaces! I actually want to do both (decorate and fly to Tuscany) when I watch it!

It keeps pushing me to go and purchase my own fixer-upper in Italy and do the whole “Frances Mayes” thing!

If you haven’t seen it, when you do, you’ll love it too!

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