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Tuscany Lighting: Tuscan Style is Old..
Your Lighting Should Be Too…


Tuscan Lighting

And, Did Ya Know…

….that “true” Tuscany lighting such as table lamps or floor lamps typically were pretty basic with a wooden base? They were kind of spruced up with simple “no-frills” shade if it had one at all! This was common in poor homes in Tuscany. The wealthy often had fancier light fixtures . In Tuscan style today, we have taken these pieces of history and combined them with the many wonderful attributes of Tuscany to create the familiarity that we know and love about Tuscan style decorating.

1. Floor lamps and sconces to light up art hanging on the walls.

2. In Tuscan decorating , the dining room is not the only place that houses chandeliers!

3. Lighting is beautiful against tile and marble. You may choose to design your kitchen with marble countertops. You may want to have installed mosaic art. A mosaic kitchen backsplash will allow light to illuminate amazingly. This is where the soft muted tones happen… The light will just bring those beautiful colors out of the tile.

4. Chandelier located above the large kitchen island.

There are different techniques that can be used to get the lighting right. There are also Tuscan solar lights that you can find at your local hardware store. Now, how cool is THAT??!! 

Tuscan Light

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