Tuscany Furniture: Decorating with Tuscan Style!

Sitting area – Tuscan Furniture designed by Flora, Tuscan Interior Decorator.

Tuscany furniture is a major contributing factor when it comes to bringing Old World Charm into your space with Tuscany decorating.

In Tuscan furniture, you will find loads of usage of wrought iron and mosaic tiling for Tuscan dining room furniture. Usually for tables. Mosaic tiling on tables can also be found in outdoor furniture and is often what you will find when looking for Tuscan garden furniture. Wooden farmhouse tables are typical in Tuscan kitchen design . These tables are wooden and rectangular. They are usually made of solid wood with legs on the outer corners. You can often find them with matching chairs with rush seats.

In Tuscan kitchens, you will also find a Tuscan kitchen Island. These are typically large center islands made especially for entertaining and working in the kitchen. The island in Tuscany kitchen design is usually the focal point. It will look old. This is the key ingredient of authentic Italian decor. Tuscan furniture such as this is placed in the center of the kitchen for food preparation. With rustic materials and aged wood, family and friends have a place to gather and share good times and great food. Some of the table tops of these islands have built in sinks for large pans, and are made of maple which serves as a cutting board. In a kitchen, the table and other furniture is typically stained dark in color.

Ambella Home Tuscan Scrolled Cocktail Table

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The image to the left is an
Ambella Home Tuscan Scrolled Console
. I recommend visiting stores that offer quality products such as the one to which the image is from. You can also find high quality furniture at a Tuscany furniture outlet. I will soon provide some resources to where you can find beautiful pieces.

When choosing Tuscan style furniture, it can be pretty simple. Tuscan furniture does not need to match all the time, and typically it has an old, distressed look to it. Pieces of Tuscan furniture are often mismatched creating the genuine feel of a Tuscan farmhouse.

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Hekman Tuscan Estates Venetian California King Bed

Hekman Tuscan Estates Venetian California King Bed

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