Tuscan Style Decorating

Tuscan Style Decorating

What’s It All About?

The key to Tuscan style decorating is remembering that Italian decor is inspired by the unique elements of nature.

Use of wrought iron accessories, the appearance of crumbling stone walls, rustic stone farmhouse decor, marble flooring and hard sturdy wood furniture definitely gives the taste of Italy.

Tuscan design provides a space with a warm, peaceful feeling. This is achieved by using warm colors such as reds, yellows, golds, browns, greens. Earth tones…

In today’s homes, Tuscan decor is desirable because it is simple, yet gives off a comfortable and inviting feeling. It also provides the ability to show off pieces that have been loved in your family for many years. These are the types of advantages that Tuscan interior design has.

Tuscan Style Decorating Main Attractions

Tuscan decor involves the use of marble for flooring, pillars and arches. Terra cotta tiles should definitely be used as this material is found all around Tuscany.

In keeping the idea and history of Tuscany, the element of water is a great addition to your decor. Many add water fountains to their living spaces or in their courtyards. These are surrounded by greenery. This is reminiscent of the Tuscan hillsides…

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