A Tuscan Living Room

A Tuscan Living Room

Tuscan Living Room
Tuscan Living room photo courtesy of Montaluce Winery and Estates

A Tuscan Living room:
….has rich burnt yellow/orange on the walls trimmed with white moldings. There is an arched doorway leading to the hallway to the main areas of my home. The massive, marble framed fireplace shows strength as it is surrounded by the structured, detailed white trim. The Tuscan light fixtures were carefully selected. Ambient light shines from the ornate Tuscan ceiling fan that hovers above the room. This Tuscan living room is a place of peace and serenity making my guests feel well beyond comfortable, and welcomed. White, as well as gray/brown sofas, is the selection of Tuscany furniture we chose. Each is appropriate and balanced for the space. We’ve decided upon wrought iron shelves to house our greenery, as well as large ceramic vases to hold our plants in the corner portions of the room. This successfully brings additional color and freshness to our Tuscan decor. Our Tuscan “life” room has magnificent flooring. Marble tiles flood the walking areas of this room. Enjoy the proud feeling to have the ability to conclude this Tuscan living room as your everyday vacation spot.


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