Tuscan Light

Tuscan Light

Tuscan Light is an important element in Tuscan interior design. You want to capture the feeling of Old World charm in your Tuscan Style Decorating. Its important to choose your light fixtures carefully! Nothing too shiny or flashy! Choose mute metals, and wrought iron light fixtures.

Tuscany Lighting Style Quick Tips!

1. Look for wrought iron light fixtures with candelabra shapes. Representative of Tuscany lighting. Reinforces the rustic theme.

2. Consider metal wall sconces in a Tuscan bathroom for lighting.

3. Bold candles are excellent for soft light . Makes a big statement too.

4. Use Tuscany Pendant Lights and chandeliers for highlighting colors with antique lighting.

5. If mosaic tile is in your Tuscan decor, know that just the right Tuscan lighting will reflect and bring out the beauty in each tile nicely.

6. Use mirrors on walls and table tops to reflect light. It can be done beautifully without a blinding effect.
Tuscan Light Fixture
7. Consider refurbished light fixtures to maintain Old World Charm.

8. For romantic parties, consider hanging lanterns with tea lights. This adds warm feelings when entertaining family and friends.

9. Table lamps with ornate scrollwork bases Wrought iron brings the earthy element that is so important in Tuscan decor.

10. Go Old! The Tuscan look is old, your light fixtures should be too.

~ Remember: Sconces and chandeliers are more appropriate in Tuscan style decorating than recessed lighting.