Tuscan Light Fixtures

Tuscan Light Fixtures:

Keeping Along Italian Style

In decorating, the style of Tuscan light fixtures of choice are usually made of wrought iron. In today’s Tuscan interior design, lighting style is available in many different forms. Wrought iron light fixtures can be found as wall sconces and chandeliers. With the combination of Old World charm and contemporary materials, this continues to be the formula of representing true Italian decor.

Originally, Tuscan homes were dark. This was to allow protection of the family from the hot Italian sun. With the home being made of stone, the space was able to stay relatively cool. In modern Tuscan designbalancing color selection in your space will continue to bring the feel of Tuscan sunset in your home without sacrificing comfort. Lighting is important in today’s home, but what still stands is the fact that natural sunlight from windows is still a great and essential element for your decor.


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Today’s Tuscan design has changed dramatically when it comes to lighting. Designs are more open and airy giving spaces more openness; while still providing reminiscent, warm and inviting thoughts and feelings of Italy. This is what makes Tuscan interior design so desirable. Tuscan design tends to give you that feeling of relaxing everyday on a Tuscan hill side!

Choosing the right Tuscan Lighting

When choosing Tuscan light fixtures, try to stay clear of new and modern styles. Remember, Tuscan interior design is all about the antique look. If there is one company that I will talk about over and over again, it is Plumbers Surplus. They have the best prices on light fixtures, sinks and faucets. Definitely sift through their website, I guarantee you will find fabulous products. From apron sinks, to bridge faucets to light fixtures… You will find what you want, and the prices will be nice to your pockets! It is definitely a great thing, to be able to save when you are remodeling your home. Click Here for quick lighting tips. Finding fixtures and sconces from yard sales are a sure thing. I actually have many pieces that have been passed over to me by my mother that work very well in my home. Recommended for kitchen and Tuscan bathroom lights.

Tuscan Lighting Bedroom

As it is essential in most interior designs, lighting in Italian decorating is the same. Keeping in mind the importance of “Old World”, rustic charm. It is however okay, (and expected), to choose some modern styles such as recessed for your task light selection. That is perfectly fine. Adding Tuscan elements that also house lights such as wine and pot racks sustain and balance Italian style. When choosing Tuscan light fixtures, stick with muted metals, and try to stay clear of very shiny fixtures.