Tuscan Kitchens

The Secret to Creating Tuscan Kitchens

Tuscan kitchens are amazing spaces. Many homeowners have fallen in love with the look and feel of Italian style kitchens. The reason is often because of the fresh air feeling that Tuscany kitchens give off. The secret to creating authentic Mediterranean kitchens is as simple as reflecting on the hillsides of Tuscany. The selection of materials used in the design plays a major roll in this warm kitchen. After reading this article, you will learn the key elements that will make Tuscan kitchen transformation come alive.

The Formula For Tuscan Kitchen Design

1. Color selection: An easy way of choosing colors for your Tuscany kitchen is by referring to a favored Tuscan art piece. Something in the likes of an Italian painting or a Tuscan ceramic piece. This is a simple and effective way of having a quick color pallet for your Tuscan Kitchen decor.

2. Walls: Choosing your wall color is an important part of decorating Tuscany style kitchens. This part of decorating can be challenging for some, but if you have started out with a color pallet that you enjoy, you can select the wall color easily from it. Colors like golden yellow, browns, terracotta, rich reds are ideal—your walls should be representative of the warm air of Italy. For an effective way of adding Old World charm, consider applying a texture on the wall like a faux finish. Addition of murals and moldings help to finish off the design.

3. Tuscan cabinets: In Mediterranean style kitchens, the cabinets are typically worn looking. Many opt for the distressed look. The kitchen cabinets often have open shelving to display dishes, ceramics, utensils and spices. Many homeowners are able to pull of their kitchen design by having glass paned doors which continues to provide a feel of openness.

4. Tuscan kitchen backsplash: Backsplashes can be created by selecting mosaic designs and patterns. Many homeowners choose to have them custom made, often inspired by a favorite Italian painting, while some choose to create them on their own. Tuscan kitchen backsplashes are not only beautiful but extremely functional. With careful selection, it can be an amazing focal point in your space.

Tuscan Kitchens
5. Counter tops: The counter tops in a Tuscany kitchen are often made of solid natural materials. Granite and marble are popular stones of choice. Ceramic tiles are also used for counter tops in an Italian style kitchen.

6. Flooring: The flooring in a Tuscany style kitchen implements natural solid materials as well. Terracotta clay tiles, or clay tiles are often used in Tuscan kitchens.

7. Sink: The sinks are typically large farmhouse style. These are commonly white ceramic although many homeowners choose to go with marble.

8. Windows: In a Tuscan style kitchen, the windows are often left bare. If any, very little draperies are present. The aura in an Italian kitchen is sunny and bright. Sheer panels can be used for privacy.

9. Accessories: Tuscan kitchen canisters are great ways to add to your kitchen space. Decorative pieces that introduce the hues selected throughout your kitchen design. Additional accessories such as copper pots and pans, and olive wood bowls quickly add to the desired look.

10. Furniture: A major part of a Mediterranean kitchen is a large center island. The island is used as an area for gathering of family and friends. It is a common object that is functional for cooking as well as entertaining. These islands, as well as other pieces, like additional floor cabinets, are often stand alone. Furniture pieces are mis-matched and are worn looking to maintain the Old World look.

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