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Tuscan Italian Decor-Video

One of the biggest challenges that I find homeowners often run into at the start of their Tuscan Italian decor project, is that they sometimes get “stuck” when it comes time to put the key pieces to the design puzzle together.  There are often moments of indecision and unsurity when the time comes to start selecting the right Tuscan colors, accessories, furniture, etc.  Should you go light? Should you go dark?  Are you able to find just the right Italian ceramics to help your space give off the feeling and vibe you are after?

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The reality of it all is that Tuscan Italian decorating is all about taking a moment to envision the space that you literally can see yourself stepping into each day.  A space that makes you feel confident, comforted and refreshed because you realize you can truly live in a special place of your own, that airs the ambiance of true, authentic Tuscany.  It’s incredible to know that you can re-live this feeling every single day, and feel renewed — every single time you walk through your home.  I cannot repeat this enough because it is so true.

A simple way to start heading down the road to Tuscan decorating success is to browse through incredible online Italian stores.  There, you will be able to find important pieces to your design such as linens for each type of room in your home, pottery/ ceramics with beautiful Tuscan colors to get some color inspiration, kitchen cookware and dinnerware that can really turn any dull cooking or eating area into a fabulous Italian kitchen!

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Tuscan Italian Decor carries the largest amount of products straight from Italy… to your home.  From Italian cookware, linens, ceramics and bath and body products, you can be sure to bring Italy to your home quickly and with ease.  And this makes things a heck of a lot easier when preparing to decorate in the Tuscan style!

The ceramics are high end, genuine Italian Majolica. The incredible artistry and detail of the urns, jugs, dinnerware and canisters will help with accessorizing your room. The inspiration of the ceramics is derived from the Renaissance period and are carefully crafted by artisans with masterful skills.  The breathtaking ceramics are “museum quality reproductions from 15th and 16th century originals.

The linens at Tuscan Italian Decor are hand crafted, high end products that evoke a unique style which fabulously blends traditional Italian design with a brush of modern Italian style.  This makes for an absolutely beautiful look to any space.  The skilled artisans use a techniqe called hand block printing which is how traditional, yet distinct designs are created.  Kitchen and dining linens and such as Italian table cloths, napkins and aprons are available in a wide range of colors.  This makes adding splashes of color to your kitchen or “gathering space” a sinch.  Beautiful high quality bed linens block printed and hand painted with breath taking patterns and designs of our quilts, duvet covers, and pillows will add just the right comfort to your sleeping quarters.  Sofas and chairs can easily be made more comfortable and more beautiful when adorned with our pillows and throws.

Tuscan Italian Decor has a new line of gorgeous Italian lifestyle Wear which include linen scarves and handmade leather tote bags.  Now you can bring Tuscany with you to the workplace, or on a lunch outing with friends.

Artisans: Featured artisans are Stamperia Bertozzi and Tessitura Pardi

Copper, Stonefire and Ceramic Cookware handmade in Italy will heat up your Tuscan kitchen.  The rich brown in the Ceramiche Bucci stonefire pots are sure to take a strong and traditional stand on any stovetop.  Shiny handmade copper pots and pans by Tanucci will inspire and delight cuochi in cucina (cooks in the kitchen)!  With the ceramic cookware you’ll find wonderful tans, whites and red colored baking dishes, trays and casserole dishes; as well as a colorful selection of ceramic pie dishes and bowls.

Italian Bath, Body & Perfumes / Home Luxury Fragrances:
Tuscan Italian Decor understands how important scents and smells are in a Tuscan inspired home.  Not only are you decorating your home in a way that is pleasing to the eye, but it is just as important to top it off with relaxing and pleasing fragrances you can surround yourself with.  Our bath & body and home fragrance products are all natural — made in Italy.  One of our featured brands are Erbario Toscano, which certainly is one of my personal favorites. These high quality products contain no parabens, colorants, silicons or mineral oils.  Not only do the fragrances smell absolutely amazing, but they are safe for your home environment

I certainly can go on and on when it comes to how you can incorporate Tuscan Italian decor into your home.  There’s so many beautiful, inspirational, high quality products out there.  You can swiftly get some instant inspiration for your Tuscan Italian decorating project by browsing online stores that specialize in carrying high quality products made in Italy.




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