A Tuscan Garden

A Tuscan Garden

tuscan garden

Photo courtesy of David Swerdlow of Images of Tuscany.

A Tuscan Garden:

…..The delectable scent of the herbs that bask the Tuscan style garden is astounding. Greenery seems to seal the entire vicinity of the backyard. The visuals are fantastic. Wild flower and bushes outline far off, the area of the property in this sort of landscaping. The view from the Tuscan family room is best described as green– true green. In this garden…. This is the place where our children enjoy coming out to pick the Tuscan grapes and oranges off the trees. A astonishing aroma floods the air. This is the smell of the seasonings I typically use to nourish the family. Remarkable olive trees continue to grow and remind us of Old World Tuscany.

A rustic Tuscan garden design will provide the peace and tranquility of an early morning on the hillsides of Tuscany.


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