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Implementation of Tuscan Decor

In Tuscan decorating, there are many simple ways of bringing the decor of Italy into your home. It’s great because this can be achieved on a bargain budget. Click Here to find out about my Tuscan DIY Guide. Tons of Tuscan decor ideas. Tuscan decorating ideas for any room- Any budget.

As a rule of thumb, there are specific routes to take to get that Tuscan Old World feel.

Tuscan design involves utilizing warm and inviting colors. Ideally, Tuscan color options are ones that are connected to the earth. Reddish/orange color choices that simulate the look of Terra cotta, or a warm muted yellow work very well. Applying additional materials such as venetian plaster to walls adds texture and warmth for an open space.

Keep in mind which tones are best to use for your space. Dark and light wall coloring vs dark and light furnishings should be planned out before hand to ensure that you achieve success in tying the area together. Dark colors for walls, and light furniture gives a bright environment. If you have dark furnishings in a white walled room, the eye commonly will gravitate to the lightest area of the space and away from the furniture. When using dark wall color and light furnishings, the eye will focus in on the pieces in the space. The use of tile for flooring as well as for backsplashes and counter top borders in a Tuscany kitchen can add warmth and the feel of a Tuscan villa. Italian style flooring options used most often is natural materials such as stone or Terra cotta tiles. Marble, clay, or slate are popular natural selections as well.

In a Tuscany kitchen , utilizing accessories such as glass jars that can be filled with pasta, or decorative olive and olive oil containers are ideal in Tuscan decorating. Add simple touches such as a bowl of grapes on the table.

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Tuscan Decorating Dining Room TableSpeaking of tables, in a Tuscan home, wooden farmhouse tables are common in a kitchen area. Old or distressed looking farmhouse tables work well with Tuscan style decorating . You can easily find these at thrift shops and yard sales for pennies on the dollar. You can spruce it up with extra Mediterranean flavor by adding Tuscan mosaic tile pieces to the top surface. Not only does it continue to add even more Tuscan villa style to your decor, but with great color choices, it ties in additional color to any space.

Other table decor that works well in a living space are wrought iron tables. This style gives any room a villa feel. Try adding a small wrought iron table in the corner of a living space, surround with lots of green live plants . This is sure to scream Tuscan decor!

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