Tuscan Bathroom

Tuscan Bathroom:
Ultimate Tips for a Successful Tuscan Retreat

More and more homeowners are choosing to design in a Tuscan Bathroom style for their home. They are interested in the clean and crisp appeal of the Tuscan style bathroom. The natural elements that are present in Tuscany come together naturally and create a relaxing retreat.

Tuscan Bathroom Must Haves

Tuscan Colors and Texture:

Tuscan decorating involves the colors that are found in the hillsides of Tuscany. Colors such as Terra cotta, yellow gold, brown, ochre. These colors are ideal as they make great backdrops for the setting of your bathroom. These rich colors leave plenty of room for accenting accessories like Tuscan curtains, towels, etc. Earthy tones are what you should keep in mind when decorating any room in Tuscan style. The goal is to create that warm and inviting atmosphere. For accent colors, consider colors like deep blue, black, olive green and rust.

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In Tuscan bathroom design, the walls look totally amazing when there are textured patterns applied. Some techniques that look great are venetian plaster, faux painting, or color washing. Stucco makes your decor distinctive and aged… Exactly the look you want to go for– Remember, Tuscan decor is rustic. It is common for walls to look cracked and crumbled.

Finding your colors can get a little confusing when trying to get the right color palette going. Color is critical to your Tuscan design concept. Refer to the Tuscan Colors page for ideas on how to pull together your color combinations and shades.


Pieces Of A Tuscan Bathroom Design


Items such as the vanity and sink can have ceramic tile or wood on the counter top. If you want to save some bucks, there’s tile that is made to mimic real ceramic tile. Check it out at your local hardware store. You can’t go wrong with decorating on a budget! The cabinets should look old and distressed. There are great techniques that you can apply to achieve this look. If there is seating with your vanity, a pillow top chair with Tuscan fabric would be an appropriate touch for a Tuscany furniture addition.

Tuscan Bath IIFixtures:

Brushed nickel fixtures for the sink and tub are appropriate selections for plumbing fixtures.


It is important to accessorize your Tuscany bathroom with decorative items made from materials like terra cotta, aged wood, pottery, wrought iron, hand carved wood or metal, and hand painted ceramics. This gives your Tuscan bathroom the Old World look. Try adding some rustic style urns and Italian style hand painted ceramics. Some wrought iron shelving displaying small Tuscan jars can work really well. Canisters varied in height filled with bath beads, salts, soaps and oils located on the sink or vanity, and in the bathtub area can make your bathroom “Tuscan spa” like! Add some greenery and well chosen accessories to bring your Tuscan bath retreat together effectively.

Light Fixtures:

Sconces and candle holders are perfect selections for your Tuscan light fixtures . These typically would be made of metal. Wrought iron light fixtures are the most common choice as wrought iron is all about Tuscany! Your Tuscan style bathroom can be so beautiful with proper positioning of sconces. The positioning will produce the muted, soft Tuscan lighting feel that is associated with Tuscany.


Homeowners typically choose stone for flooring in their Tuscan bathroom design. Here’s why:

Granite is used because it lasts long and is heat resistant. It can be costly so keep that in mind when choosing this type of flooring. It is absolutely beautiful, and it is an extremely strong material.

Limestone is a stone that is commonly used for flooring as well as the interiors of showers. This material actually stains pretty easily. It looks very natural.

Marble is a soft, porous material. Commonly used for bathrooms and flooring. People often choose this type of flooring for their Tuscan style decorating.

Follow these steps to your Tuscan get away!!

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