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Decorate Tuscan Style

Learn how YOU can decorate any room in your home Tuscan style, any budget. Find out the secrets to creating a genuine Tuscan ambiance utilizing today’s Tuscan home design techniques.

Well respected, down to earth, talented designer has taken her Tuscan Design Website to a higher level. Currently earning her Degree in Interior Architecture and Design, she reveals her Clean Tuscan style design tips in an eBook– Created especially for her readers! How cool is that?!

From the Desk of:  Patrice Walker
RE:  Your Tuscan Style Home

Date:  July 18, 2024

You are just moments away from learning how to Create YOUR OWN Tuscan Retreat. I will show you tons of up-to-date tips and techniques that Interior Designers often recommend to their clients!

Just as I have for others, by way of clear and direct Tuscan style ideasThe Ultimate Tuscan Home Decorating Guide is specifically designed to walk you through the art of applying Tuscany style decor to any room in your home.

Whether you are thinking of building, or have an existing home that you would like to bring back to life, brush your shoulders off and enhance your family’s lifestyle.

Tuscan Decor: My design inspiration comes from the beautiful landscapes dotted with rich olive groves and vineyards of Tuscany. Tuscan style is extremely special to me.

Since Tuscan decorating ideas are hard to find, it makes it difficult to keep up with current Tuscan Interior Design styles.

Then, the lucky ones, hard searchers and the totally driven ones discover that there truly is a Tuscan design guide that will provide great ideas, that can get you the quality results you are looking for. And it is all available in one downloadable eBook. So congratulations!

Homeowners are looking for the easiest and finest ways to bring the air of Tuscany into their abode– using the highest quality products, and saving money at the same time.

Luckily for us all, Tuscany has influenced it’s visitors all over the world. With that said, I have devised a simple to follow guide that can assist you with bringing Tuscany right into your home with a helpful design guide that works.

The Ultimate Tuscan Home Decorating Guide is a tool that compiles a no-nonsense, decorating ideas formula, for creating a fresh Tuscan feel to any room. And yes, I will even show you how to design a Tuscan Home Theatre!

My Tuscan Decorating eBook is a step-by-step guide incorporating only the top Tuscan Decor products. No more searching to find the perfect authentic Tuscan accessories.

Over the years, I have assisted so many people with their Tuscan decorating. Countless numbers of people have emailed me for advice. I have to admit, I’ve spent a heck of a lot of time trying to find the best colors, fabrics, flooring, counter tops, greenery, lighting… It truly was a lot of fun creating this book… I’ve seen it and done it all.

And, its all here:

Life Changes…

" Your Tuscan decorating guide is great! I found it at the right time. My husband and I visited Florence and fell in love with the Villa we stayed in! We ended up redesigning the entire first level of our home! Feels just like our vacation! Thank You so much!"

- Jacki Carson, Knoxville, TN

How can The Ultimate TUSCAN HOME Decorating Guide help with your decorating project?

  • Learn Tuscan Design color theory. Color is so important in Tuscan Design. Loads of tips providing the easiest ways to choose your Tuscan design color palette. With the examples I provide to make your options easier, you will be able to balance the proper shades and tones for each individual space. Tuscan color can be “off” if you don’t select the colors with Tuscany in mind. I will help you color select with ease.
  • Find out the most cost effective ways to design a Tuscan space. When I receive emails asking where to find particular products, I usually refer them to the places that I go for authentic Tuscan decor. I’m going to show how to find the top notch Tuscan Products, easily. From accessories, to kitchen sinks, to bathroom tile, to chandeliers.
  • Tons of Beautiful Tuscan Decor ideas and plans. With inspiration from the coastal villages of Tuscany, your home will be transformed into an inviting space. The idea is to have rich tapestry of Tuscany culture unfold right in your home.

The Tuscan Home Decorating Guide focuses on each room.

Here are some examples:

  • Tuscan Kitchen Design:

    Color selection for successfully balancing walls and accessories, flooring selection, lighting, cabinets, counter tops, window treatments, sinks, fixtures and faucets, hardware, appropriate selection and placement of accessories and art work.

  • Tuscan Bathroom Design:

    Color selection, flooring, lighting, cabinetry, vanity, window treatments, accessories, sinks, fixtures and faucets, hardware, art work.

  • Tuscan Bedroom:

    Lighting, color selection, flooring, furniture, wall decor, window treatments, bedding/ fabrics.

Fast and Convenient Access...

Convenient Access to the Tuscan Guide:

Can be viewed on any mobile iPhone or Android smartphone, iPad or Tablet...  Desktop or Laptop Computer.  Makes Tuscan decor shopping simple and easy...

Made to be easy, and Exquisite…

My home is so much warmer! When we have guests, they always want to hang out in the kitchen. Every time I go in there, (the kitchen) I think of what you describe the kitchen as: “The Gathering Spot”. Well, you definitely know your decor! That is what it has become! You make it so easy for people to be themselves and have fun decorating their homes. It is so great to be able to get accurate ideas to make a comfortable, fresh Tuscan home.”

- Tory Chaplain, Austin, TX

Tuscan decorating is so fulfilling and fun, you will find you can do it blindfolded! Uhhh, well, maybe not…

I will reveal how to...

  • Apply painting techniques to walls and cabinetry. Textures, wall coloring, sponging and aging. These techniques are broken down easily, step by step. You don’t have to hire a professional, you really can do it yourself.
  • Create an amazing ambiance of light, throughout your Tuscan space. You can create an illuminating effect in your Tuscan decorating with the proper colors and lighting. I will show you how.
  • Learn how to look for the perfect Tuscan accessories to dress up your Tuscan Masterpiece. It is best to look for quality Tuscan decor. I will show you how to find inexpensive handmade products from the finest Artisans.
  • Learn how to pick just the right Tuscan Curtains. There are so many colors and fabrics! Style and color of curtains matter when decorating particular rooms. Tuscan is “open”. Lots of light, natural light is also important. Learn how to have your privacy, and your natural light at the same time.
  • Make flooring easy to choose and easy on your budget. Is it tile you want? Discover all of the options that will give you quality. Find out the differences, find out how to get the best prices.
  • Learn how to choose appropriate Tuscan furniture for any room. Distinguish light vs dark colors when it comes to matching furniture with Tuscan color selection. Farmhouse tables vs small mosaic tables.
  • We'd Love To See the Transformation

    When you finish your project, feel free to send us some of your before and after pictures! I would love to see how you do! Perhaps we can put them up on our web site!

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Thanks so much guys! I am confident that you will get loads of ideas to make your Tuscan abode a reality. I look forward to your Tuscan Decorating Success stories!!

To your success,

Patrice D. Walker


* Note: The Ultimate Tuscan Home Decorating Guide is a downloadable eBook.