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Recommended Tuscan Decorating Resources

Tuscan Decorating Accessories:

Round Trip Imports: What can I say? Mary and everyone over at Round Trip Imports are fantastic! These wonderful people travel to Tuscany to bring you rustic antique goods from Italy. When I first found this business, I nearly hit the floor! Great products, great people!

Copper Sinks and Saltillo Tile

Hammered Copper Sinks, Copper Kitchen Sinks, Copper Bath Tubs, Contemporary oil paintings, tin and Talavera mirrors, hammered and handmade copper vases, hand painted Talavera pottery, ceramic planters, Talavera sun faces, hammered copper plates and a wide collection of home decor and garden accessories.

Tuscan Design Resources for Home Plans:

Minkler Building Design: Minkler Building Design has been creating high quality custom house plans in Southern California since 1973.

How would I rate this Tuscan Architecture designer? I'd say, one of the best Tuscan home Architect/ designer in all of the United States. He designed this huge Tuscan home in California! It's amazing! Take a visit to his website. Tell him I said hello, while you are at it!

Weber Architects: I'm sure you have seen the work of Weber Architects in the Tuscan Architecture section. Visit the website of these guys. They've got a great variety of Tuscan Plans that can suit your needs.

Ultimate Tuscan Decorating Guide: Discover how YOU can decorate any room in your home Tuscan style, any budget. Find out the secrets to creating genuine Tuscan ambiance utilizing today’s Tuscan home design techniques.


House Painting Guide: House painting provides information for the do-it-yourself homeowner with detailed instructions and helpful tips. Topics include interior and exterior surface preparation, interior and exterior house painting techniques, drywall repair instructions, wood refinishing, wood deck refinishing and staining, choosing the best painting tools and paint colors. This is my personal recommendation for your painting questions. Karl Crowder is the owner. Contact him with your painting inquiries and he will help you out. He can totally get your painting aesthetics looking great.

Woodworking & Cabinetry:

Fine Woodworking For Your Home: Design your home with Fine Woodworking. Architectural history and styles, period exterior trim and interior woodwork design, period furniture, and other interesting architectural designs.

Tuscan, and Many More Home Decorating Styles...

Themed Home Decor: This is one of my highly recommended websites to explore many, many other home decorating styles. Definitely take a peek!

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