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Kitchen Cabinets


Kitchen Cabinets: Choosing the Best, Tuscan Style Or Not!

When designing, your kitchen cabinets pretty much assist in setting the style of your decor. With this in mind, know that it is important to research and pick what will work in your kitchen.

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to cabinets for your kitchen. This includes deciding what features to install or place into your cabinets to keep your cabinets organized. Its not just color that you have to pick, but there are a bunch other things too! You have to be sure that your pockets are prepared for the numbers dished out to you when it is time to purchase! Don’t let it scare ya, now… Just do your research ahead of time. If you are designing a Tuscan style kitchen, work your way through this website to get your Tuscan kitchen design ideas down, and you should be good to go!

There’s quite a bit to think about when coming up with when designing and building a cabinet style. Color selection is tremendous! There are so many variables! Do you want a cherry kitchen cabinet style? There’s so much when choosing cabinet colors. No need to worry though! Through great research, you will be able to find TONS of cabinet ideas!

Whether they are white kitchen cabinets, or black cabinets, your choice will become so much easier. Sometimes, color isn’t an obstacle. You can paint your cabinets yourself… You can even apply a distressed cabinet look. This works nicely in Tuscany decor.

Kitchen Cabinetry: To be Framed, or not to be Framed?? That is the question!

Framed Cabinets: This is traditional style cabinetry. Kitchen cabinet door hinges are typically mounted on the outside. In Tuscan style decorating, you usually don’t have to worry about kitchen cabinet hinges as it is common for cabinets to be door-less! There is a drawback to these cabinets. The “frame lip” limits storage space.

Unframed Cabinets: This style is newer and more modern. Sleek, smooth lines can be found with this type of cabinetry. Of course when you have more modern style, you also have more money involved! It is going to cost you more than your traditional style cabinets.

Cabinets for the kitchen come in a few different ways. Stock, Semi-Custom, and Custom.
Stock Cabinets: Typically, you cannot modify these cabinets to your own preference and taste. Only when it comes to paint color or stain that will be applied. These are the least expensive out of the three types. They are installed pretty easily. They are mass produced.

Semi-Custom: These cabinets are pretty similar to Stock as they too
are mass produced, however, there are some changes that can be made to them upon ordering. You can customize with kitchen cabinet sizes, kitchen cabinet height, moldings and trim, and finishes. Pretty much a step up from the stock cabinets.

Custom: This is going to cost ya! Imagine semi-custom cabinets with more of a unique, personal twist on the choices in modification. You can pretty much style your own cabinets with what exactly you are looking for in your kitchen design.

Try to create a budget for your cabinets. You will have to do this in the beginning stages anyway when designing or re-designing your kitchen. When you have a clear idea of your budget BEFORE the designer starts to talk about your new kitchen cabinets, that will cut the process down dramatically! This way, you already have it set what you want to spend, and it will make your cabinet installation stress free. Important: If you are bummed that your budget allows only for stock cabinets, watch how surprised you will be to find more of what you want! More than you expected. Just keep researching and pruning to get the awesome kitchen that fits your awesome design style!


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