Italian Holidays: ‘Tis the Season for Tuscan Decor!

Tuscan Christmas Decor to Celebrate this Season

Tuscan Style Holiday by Flora

Tuscan Style Holiday

“Tuscan/ Italian Holidays” Design by Flora, Interior Decorator

It’s that time of year again where we experience that holiday cheer! How do we do this? In Tuscan style, that’s how! Nothing can give that snug holiday comfort the way that Tuscan Décor can! Dress your bedroom with beautiful colors of Tuscany that provide that warm festive feeling. Plenty of gold and subdued reds are the way to go. Elegance is sure to invade your space during this season, so when it comes… Get in the spirit with Tuscan Christmas decor!

Decorate your Tuscan style abode in all that swarms the homes in Tuscany this time of year. To achieve this, use stylish Tuscan fabrics and accent pieces. Decorative Tuscan pillows with trim and matching throws provide coziness. Tuscan candle holders with dancing flames– they seem to just celebrate the times with you.

Christmas in Tuscany? You want it? — you CAN have it!  The Tuscan Christmas season is a much celebrated holiday. The streets and stores begin to decorate with Nativity scenes. These scenes were commonly displayed before the popularity of holiday lights and décor came about. The homes in Tuscany are warm cheery gathering places for family to meet on Christmas after a day of worship, for food, and celebration.

Tuscan Holidays

Tuscan Holiday sitting area designed by Flora, Tuscan Interior Designer

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