Italian Ceramics and More

Italian Ceramics and More:
Everything Handmade from Tuscany

Quality Italian Ceramics:
By the rolling hillsides of Tuscany, Enrico and Daniela have been inspired. Born in Italy, Daniela has always held a special place in her heart for Italian pottery and ceramics. Enrico is an Architect that is moved by the unique creations of Tuscan Artisans. With Daniela’s love for quality handmade Italian products along with Enrico’s fascination with fine work of the Artisans of Tuscany, together this has been the driving force that has resulted in the establishing of their family owned business, Tuscany 2 You – Italian Ceramics. And Oh! Are we so lucky?!  This is a great place to find Italian ceramics on-sale.


Tuscan Decor 2 You

Tuscany 2 You Imports connects a large quantity of people all over the world to quality Tuscany housewares and accessories. Terracotta pottery, as well as an abundance of olive wood utensils and bowls, is accessible in this authentic Italian shop. Incorporating high quality Italian ceramics in Tuscan decor makes a difference when decorating in the Tuscan style.

Italian CeramicsEnrico and Daniela are well aware of this; and so they take pride in providing high class Tuscan accessories for homeowners like us.

Every year, Daniela and Enrico visit Tuscany in search of the finest Tuscan goods. Careful selection of their products is a number one priority.

Their love for the region of Tuscany has inspired them to re-create their own Tuscan winery and vineyard in Paso Robles, California. How’s THAT for “Bringing Tuscany home”?!


This is one of my most recommended places to purchase quality handmade Tuscan accessories. I prefer to shop in stores that take special care in the selection of their products.


My Tuscan decorating book:

“The Ultimate Tuscan Home Decorating Guide”

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