The History of Mosaic Art:

…and Tuscan Style Decor

History of mosaic art:

Continuing to influence Tuscan style decorating.

In the beginning of the 14th century, European architecture began to change. Italian architects learned to make tall buildings. These huge structures that were supported with columns were decorated with magnificent ironwork, and very often balanced with beautiful mosaics for flooring. This was the start of mosaic history, as mosaic floor tile and other tile mosaic patterns are still popular in Tuscan interior design today.

Tuscan decor has continued to implement mosaic patterns into homes all over the world. Mosaic designs are seen throughout the Tuscan decorating style. Stone fireplace designs are often decorated with glass mosaic tile as well as other major pieces in an Italian style home.

Ancient mosaic patterns has inspired creative artists and individuals to incorporate mosaic art patterns in Tuscany furniture, mosaic wall art, Tuscan landscape design such as incorporation of pool mosaic tiling, as well as Tuscan kitchen design where it can be used in flooring and kitchen backsplashes.

Art history mosaic style has influenced Tuscan decorating so much… The originality and application of mosaic tile patterns is absolutely endless! Get more on Tuscan mosaic art in our FREE newsletter, TUSCAN DESIGNER! Click Here to discover the bonuses and perks!!

History of Mosaic Art

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