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Herb Garden Layout: The Greenery Selection

Herbs, herbs, HERBS!!! Lets put together your herb garden layout! One of the best greenery selections is the usage of herbs! Including herbs in your Tuscan garden gives you the aroma of Tuscany that will add more imagination and warmth to your garden. There’s nothing like the smell of fresh herbs. Garden herbs are practical. You can easily find herb garden kits in just about any gardening store.

Finding Your Herbs

Other garden design ideas for herbs can be found when searching for herb garden plans and herb garden designs online.

Planting herbs in your garden will be wonderful and absolutely amazing because they will be useful when you are hosting your Italian cooking courses for your friends and family — because you are a great entertainer, especially since many people will continue to enjoy being entertained at your home after you complete your Tuscan landscaping project! Everyone will want to see your herb garden layout! And I know you will ENJOY entertaining — especially if you decided to add an outdoor Tuscan kitchen or an amazing Tuscan swimming pool mosaic in decor!

Now, of course you want to choose plants that grow in Mediterranean regions. You will be able to find fresh herbs, flowers, rich, hardy vegetables, vines and trees of fruit. Again, mixing and matching come in handy here as well when deciding what to plant where, and with which… Just be sure to find out which to put for placement in each pot so that bigger plants don’t clobber the smaller ones that will grow. Just check out different gardening books so that you can get the absolute best out of your herb garden layout and your gardening experience.

Choosing Your Veggies

Choosing your veggies is pretty easy. Tuscan gardening has no specifics when it comes to vegetable types to plant. Just start with what types of vegetables your family or friends enjoy eating. Cooking herbs and all types of vegetables are fine.

Fruit trees and bushes should be included, as well as cooking herbs. In a garden with Tuscany style, eggplant, cucumbers, apples, berries, figs, sage, roses, grapes, evergreen bushes, geraniums, thyme, rosemary, lettuce and tomato are great additions for your Tuscan garden. Be sure to use a variety of Italian spices. Adding pots of lavender will provide a sweet smell of a true Tuscany garden. All of these herb and vegetable plantings are bonuses as they will play an essential role in creating color as well as texture in your garden. They are key in giving the aroma associated with Italy.

Planting lush evergreens will also add color and life to your garden for many years. The usage of shrubs and trees can provide shade and cool breezes in your garden. You can also use them to line your walkways, patios and decks.

Tuscan Garden Tree Ideas


There are particular trees that can be used in your Tuscan design garden.


  • Italian Cypress– Planting rows of Italian Cypress will definitely give your Tuscan landscape a feel of Tuscany as this tree is a signature plant in Tuscan Gardens. And, it is one of my favorites.
  • Olive Trees– These evergreens are commonly used in Mediterranean gardens. It can add texture to your garden.
  • Citrus Trees– These are great when planted in large pots. Lemon and orange trees are also great choices of plantings for your garden. Both of these fruits are great plantings in my home. My children love the oranges and my husband and I enjoy cooking with lemon.
  • Live Oaks– These trees are great for providing adequate amounts of shade. It has beautiful weeping limbs.
  • Boxwoods and bay trees– These trees are magnificent for lining walkways and driveways.

Be sure to mindfully position lush shade trees, topiary hedges and Tuscan fruit trees in complimentary places. You need to leave space for the herbs, soft lavender and vegetables. Creeping vines and flowers such as grapevines, roses and wisteria are staples of Tuscan gardening. Adding enchanting vines to your garden along with blossoming wild flowers will give the familiar feeling of walking through a Tuscan paradise.

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