Black Kitchen Cabinets in Tuscan Kitchen Decor:
Yes….! It DOES Work!

Choosing black kitchen cabinets for your Tuscan kitchen will add total sophistication! Tuscany is such a romantic region. Implementing this color into your kitchen cabinet decor will make your Tuscan kitchen stand out above the rest!

So, are you asking why black kitchen cabinets for a Tuscan style decor? Tuscany design incorporates Old World beauty and charm with elegance and modern flair. Black cabinets hold their own against warm earth tones. And so, if you get the colors right on the walls, the effect of the kitchen will be success! We are going for a sophisticated, dramatic look here. Who in the world told you that black cabinets are dull and gloomy? Well, they look absolutely AMAZING with windows that allow adequate sunlight to shine against them.

Black cabinets can be either a backdrop or a really nice focal point. It depends on how you first look at it. In Tuscan kitchen design, it can be that awesome focal point against the shades of the floor and walls– when you balance the room with the inviting colors of Tuscany. But it can also be a wonderful backdrop for the other room elements. Some homeowners choose to have their cabinets without doors, as “door-less” cabinets are common in Tuscany kitchen decor. Beautiful pottery and painted dishes are often on display.

And what about choosing your hardware for your kitchen cabinets?

Depending on what you want, it can get pretty expensive! But there are plenty of discount kitchen cabinet hardware stores that may have the right price for you. This means selecting the right color and/or finishes on kitchen cabinet hinges and pulls.

Cabinets dark in color make the room appear more spacious. Black is both stylish and rustic. And with this, you still get the Tuscan style decor flowing. You can hire a qualified company for kitchen cabinet installation, but if you want to save a few bucks, you can go at it by finding out how to paint old kitchen cabinets yourself! . You can DO it!!