Best Italian Wine

The Best Italian Wine

Did you know that you don’t have to go to Italy for the best Italian wine? (Well, of course you know that you don’t have to actually be in Italy to enjoy fine Italian wine!) That’s no surprise, but I guarantee you’ll wanna keep reading!

Tuscany not only is well known for its quality wine, but it is also known for, and “wowed over” because of its beautiful rolling hillsides and vineyards… It is especially highly respected for its warm and welcoming, friendly people. To me, Tuscany is like a celebration of life… It is a true representation of love, and appreciation; this is properly expressed through the work of Tuscany’s talented Artisans.

With its inventive presentation of country villas, apartments and farmhouses, the remarkable architecture of Tuscany inspires so many homeowners all over the world. Tuscan homes are continuously being designed and built in this country. We try our very best to capture true attributes of Tuscan architecture and the exquisite detail and charm of its interior design, to transform our homes into extraordinary rustic abodes.

Through my passion for Tuscan Architecture, I discovered the most amazing piece of information– in the world. It is truly an honor to be able to share it with you.

How would you feel if I told you that you don’t have to be in Tuscany to live in Tuscany? is proud to present to you, Montaluce Winery and Estates. Amazing!

Montaluce Winery and Estates is an astonishing Tuscan inspired development, offering a magnificent fine winery and home community. This development holds solid– its representation as quality Tuscan living at its best. This rustic community presents the feeling of true Tuscany. With its amazing rolling hillsides and beautiful vineyards, this is the only place in the United States that provides its visitors and homeowners an accurate sentiment of Tuscany. The Montaluce experience is attractive; a lovely community providing fine wine and cuisine, an abundance of activities, and the joy of relaxing in your own Tuscan home!

Montaluce Winery and Estates appropriately presents the tone of Tuscany. The beauty of this establishment is that it is right here at home, in Dahlonega, Georgia. As beautiful, as it is, Montaluce offers over 40 acres of vineyard living. I am so lucky and proud, that Montaluce is located in my own state.

Homes of Montaluce:

The homes at Montaluce are nestled on at least 1 acre of land with styles that include villas, cottages and estate homes. When you visit Montaluce, it truly feels just like Tuscany. With the use of plenty of natural materials that accounts for its comfort, this community is stunning. Homeowners have the option of having their new homes situated as lake, vineyard or river front properties; the focus is on nature.


Montaluce hosts tons of festivals. Visitors and residents can enjoy the fun of authentic grape stomping! Other fun activities consist of the display of local artists’ work and Jazz concerts! I love great music. And what can we enjoy with art and music? Incredible food!

Montaluce has an amazing restaurant with a top Italian executive chef that prepares the finest cuisine; complimented with the best Italian wine. Great food and wine, a romantic sunset… What perfect gifts for wine lovers this would be.

There are plenty of outdoor, recreational activities available as well. Guests and residents enjoy picnicking, biking and fishing in the inspirational rivers by the mountains. I totally could go on and on about how fascinating Montaluce is, but there’s just not enough bandwidth in a website to explain it all!

Visit the Montaluce Tuscan Homes and Winery

Click here to visit Montaluce yourself… Tell them Tuscan Home 101 sent ya!



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