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Why Get Listed 
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Advertising Online is Necessary

Even with the current state of the economy, more and more homeowners are searching for Tuscan products, home design and building services– online. The days of grabbing a big Yellow Pages directory, in search of any type of business, are over. As a business, you are a solutions provider, and so it is important to brand your business online, and enhance your internet presence by being exposed to specific audiences that are searching for solutions. A stable online presence is the key element in the success of online businesses; and so having consistent visibility on the internet is imperative. Most of all, setting up your business’ online presence using effective marketing and ad campaigns that work together to target specific individuals looking for those very specific products and services that you offer is what we at Tuscan-Home-101 understand and make possible.


Current business membership packages that Tuscan Home 101 offers are:

  • Standard Membership
  • Gold Membership
  • Platinum Membership
  • Website Sponsor

Why Advertise Your Business Specifically With A Tuscan Website/ Directory?

Tuscan Home 101 offers businesses in the home building, design and decorating industry the ability to inexpensively enhance their online presence with a variety of internet marketing solutions. Effective online marketing involves exposing your business to targeted prospective buyers and customers. Tuscan Home 101 understands this and provides you the ability to enhance your business’ internet presence with ad space, content production based around you and your business for expert positioning in front of our audience, listing your business with our directory, banner ads in the Tuscan Designer Newsletter, and more.

Tuscany home design and decor is a narrow market and the searches that homeowners, as well as other Tuscany businesses are performing, are being searched utilizing very specific keywords. Our website alone, currently attracts close to 320,000 new visitors per year; which broken down is an average of around 870 visitors per day– and they are all searching specifically for Tuscany products and services.

A major advantage in advertising with us is that we rank very well on the search engines. Our new Tuscan Home Directory will also benefit from the well established flow of traffic and will also gain the exposure from our website visitors as they will have direct access to your business’ products and services as one of our members.

So, whether you are a Tuscan Interior Designer, Architect, Home Builder, Realtor, Tuscan Store that sells products, Tuscan Home 101 offers a number of marketing kits and membership packages for you to choose from. Packages range from single directory listings, to banners, to featured articles posted on, to full page advertisements showcasing you and your business.

To find out which membership package, or individual advertising solution is right for your business visit our advertising pricing page or Contact Us.

We look forward to working with you!


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