About Me

My name is Patrice… A Few Words About This Home Decorating Enthusiast…

Ciao Friend! I receive quite a bit of emails from readers that want to know what I’m all about and emails from those who have an interest in finding out how I started Tuscan Home 101. So, I decided to add a special “About Me” page to the website. Enjoy!!!!

My Story


I’m actually a pretty busy girl! I’m Patrice. I’m happily married to a wonderful man and I’m a mom to four great kids. My youngest is 8 years old and my oldest is 22 (as I am writing this….).

Architecture and Interior Design have always been a major part of my life growing up. My Mom has been in the Architecture/ Interior Design industry for many years and my Dad– a Building Contractor– owning and operating a construction company.

When I was a kid and got my first summer job, I would spend my money on 3D architecture and interior design programs. I started designing and creating different home designs for fun, and then began doing it in the ‘real world’ on my own. I was my first client!

Through the years, I continued to develop my skills– building up a much stronger interest and passion for design. I love unique design methods; and sharing different project solutions with homeowners to help guide them with implementing new ideas into their home design and decor projects.  All to ease them through any potential home makeover dilemmas and hang-ups.

I love and appreciate quality design styles inspired by different countries, but I fell flat and heavily in love with Tuscany architecture and design.

Soon enough, I began assisting friends and family with their Tuscan home design projects. Eventually, one of my best friends said, “Why the heck aren’t you doing this professionally?” So, I decided to study it deeper.

So now, as a full time student, and a full time mom, and a full time wife, and a full time business owner — I’ve designed my life in a time-leveraged way that enables me to work with homeowners one on one, who are passionate about creating the ambiance of Tuscany throughout their homes.

Thanks to an extremely smart business woman named Ann, (who gave me great business marketing insight) I quickly learned to become a super-internet-marketing-woman and figured out how to build out my Tuscan Architecture & Design business globally — marketing and promoting it myself.

I’m able to write, design and assist my clients right here from my internet based business.  I’ve learned how to purposely build it out that way–creating more flexibility in my life–both time and income wise– enjoying life with my family.

I have the ability to work anywhere in the world that I want to… while helping homeowners plan and produce their dream Tuscany spaces. Time + Income = Mobility. That’s the Lifestyle that I’ve designed. That’s what my world is all about, in a nutshell… And I tell ya, it’s absolutely incredible…